Ockner (8", 50 oz.)

Shown in Moss Green, Green, and Topaz

Tijuana (6½", 34 oz.)

Shown in Gypsy Fire, Green, Topaz, Pink, and Peacock Blue

Monterey (7½", 50 oz.)

By far the most difficult pitcher to find.

San Juan (8¾", 54 oz.)

Shown in Gloria Blue, Crystal, and Topaz


Morgantown made three different sizes of plates. They are roughly 6¾", 7½" and 9¼" but are difficult to measure due to the irregular design. There are also three different styles of plates, as shown in the photos. Not every style has been found in all sizes or colors.

7½" Plate (style I)

Shown in Gloria Blue

7½" Plate (style II)

Shown in Pink

7½" Plate (style III)

Shown in Crystal, Green, Shamrock Green, and Topaz

This is probably the last style of plate made. Note the difference between the two shades of green.

9¼" Plate (style I)

Shown in Green


Dessert (4" diam.)

Shown in Topaz, Green, Gloria Blue, and Amethyst

Dessert or Finger Bowl (5" diam.)

Shown in Crystal, Pink, Topaz, Ruby, Amberina, White, Peacock Blue, and Gypsy Fire

Console Bowl (11" diameter)