Tumblers & Stemware

Roly Poly (2¼", oz.)

Shown in Ruby

Very difficult to find.

Bar (2 1/2", 3 oz.)

Shown in Green, Crystal, Topaz, Gloria Blue, Pink, and Violet

Roly Poly Double (~3", 11 oz.)

Similar in shape to the regular size Seneca Driftwood roly poly. Difficult to find.

Single Old Fashioned (3½", 7 oz.)

Shown in Peacock Blue and Topaz

Double Old Fashioned (3½", 12 oz.)

Shown in Green, Gypsy Fire, Golden Moss, Steel Blue, Topaz, Amethyst (Burgundy), Gloria Blue, and Delphine Blue (by Seneca)

Mug (3½", 12 oz.)

This one's not shown in Snyder's, Gallagher's, or OMGCG's Morgantown books. Technically, this isn't a new mold. The mug was made by attaching a handle to the Double Old Fashioned tumbler, much in the same way the lemonade was made from an iced tea. I've only seen this very scarce piece in green.

Juice (4", 6 oz.)

Shown in Ruby, Gloria Blue, Crystal, Pink Matte, and Green

Water (4¼", 10 oz.)

Shown in Violet, Ruby, Gloria Blue, Gloria Blue Matte, Pink, Green, and Steigel Green

Water (5", 10oz.)

Shown in White and Steigel Green

Highball (", 12oz.)

Iced Tea (5½", 14oz.)

Shown in Crystal, Gloria Blue, Green, Topaz, Pink, Violet, and Peacock Blue

Iced Tea (6¾", 20 oz.) (also known as a "Zombie")

Shown in Shamrock Green, closeup of Carbone label

Cocktail (3", 4 oz.)

Shown in Topaz, Violet, and Green

Footed Iced Tea (5¼", 13 oz.)

Shown in Crystal, Topaz, Ruby, White, and Crystal w/ Black foot

Goblet, on-the-rocks (14 oz.)

Martini or Luncheon Wine (4 oz.)


Footed Juice (5 oz.)

Handled Lemonade (5½", 14oz.)


Hollow Stem Pilsner (5½", 16 oz.)

Shown in Green. Scarce.

Sherbet (2¾", 6 oz.)

Shown in Violet, Crystal, Green, and Ruby

Stemmed Cocktail (3¼" tall)

Shown in Topaz

I'm showing this one with slight hesitation. The design is correct for Crinkle, but I've found no documentation for this piece. It is, however, very similar in style to my Pilsner. The topaz color also seems right.

Owl Highball

The Owl Highball is the most unusual tumbler in the line. The front has the image of an owl while the back has the typical bumpy texture. There is a similar tumbler made by another glass company, but the owl design is different. Morgantown's Owl has crescent-shaped eyes and appears to be scowling. The other owl has round eyes and a comical look.