Tumblers & Stemware

Roly-Poly Cocktail (2½", 5 oz.) (-1967)

Shown in Crystal and Gray

Roly-Poly Old Fashioned (9 oz.) (-1967)

Not shown.

Roly Poly Hi-Ball (3½", 12 oz.) (-1967-1979)

Shown in Peacock Blue, Crystal, Accent Red, Amber, and Gray

In later years, after the Roly Poly Cocktail and Roly Poly Old Fashioned were dropped from the line, this was referred to simply as the Roly Poly.

Sherbet (3", 5 oz.) (-1983)

Shown in Heather, Amber, Peacock Blue, Gray, and Accent Red

Cocktail (3 3/8", 6oz)(-1983.)

Shown in Accent Red

Single Old Fashioned (3½", 9oz.) (-1969)

Size and shape is in between the Cocktail and the Double Old Fashioned

Double Old Fashion (3¾", 14 oz.)

Shown in Amber and Heather

After the Single Old Fashion was discontinued, catalogs referred to this as just the Old Fashion.

On The Rocks (3 7/8", 10oz.) (1975-1979)

3 7/8" tall, holds 10 ounces

Footed Juice/Wine (3 7/8", 10 oz.) (1975-1979)

Shown in Lime Green. Finally found one of these!

Juice (4 1/4", 6 oz.) (-1983)

Shown in Crystal, Moss Green, Delphine Blue, Amber, Heather, and Peacock Blue

One of the easily found tumblers. Found in gorgeous 8-color boxed sets.

Table Tumbler (4 1/8", 10 oz.) (-1967)

Shown in Moss Green

Hi-Ball (5 1/8", 12 oz.) (-1983)

Shown in Crystal, Cinnamon (Brown), Ritz Blue, and Peacock Blue

Parfait (5", 7oz.) (-1967)

Narrow version of the goblet.

Goblet (5¼", 13oz.) (-1983)

Shown in Amber, Delphine Blue, Heather, Accent Red, Crystal, Peacock Blue, and Moss Green

Iced Tea (5¾", 16oz.) (-1983)

Shown in Crystal, Delphine Blue, Heather, Plum, Peacock Blue, Gray, Moss Green, Cinnamon (Brown), Amber, and Accent Red

Handled Iced Tea or Beer Mug (5¾", 16oz.) (prior to 1967)

Just like the regular Iced Tea, but with a matching color handle added on.

Water Goblet, Stemmed (6¼")


Cooler (6¾", 22 oz.) (1973-1983)

Shown in Buttercup (Yellow) and Lime Green

Notes: The largest and one of the hardest-to-find tumblers. I finally found another color! Introduced in 1977, it should only be available in the later colors. Both of mine have an acid etched Seneca mark which is a characteristic of later-made items.