Morgantown El Mexicano

(1933-late 1930s?)

Colors: Ice, Seaweed, Pink Quartz, Hyacinth

Morgantown's first attempt at wrinkled glass was the El Mexicano line, said to be a revival of crude sixteenth century Mexican glass. All El Mexicano colors are translucent. Many of the 1930s molds were reused later as part of the Crinkle line.

In both the Crinkle page and this page, I've tried to keep original factory names. Sometimes there are discrepancies between different sources.

Thanks to Kerry for the Seaweed tumbler photo.

Tumblers & Stemware

Liquor (3 oz.)

Very scarce.

Juice (6½ oz.)

Same as in Crinkle.

Water (10 oz.)

Same as in Crinkle.

Beer (14 oz.)

Shown in Seaweed

This is probably the same mold as the Crinkle Iced Tea. El Mexicano was introduced around the time of Prohibition's repeal, and glass companies marketed anything they had as barware to take advantage of the new market.

Footed Beverage (13 oz.)

Same mold as the Crinkle footed iced tea.

Sherbet (6 oz.)

Same as in Crinkle.


Del Rey (6½" tall)

Ockner (7" tall)


Console/Salad Bowl (10" diam.)

Same as in Crinkle.

Flower Bowl (13" diameter)

I have only an advertisment listing this piece, no picture or line drawing. I can only imagine what an incredible piece of glass this is.


6½" Plate

7½" Plate

Shown in Seaweed

9¼" Plate

Shown in Seaweed and Ice

The El Mexicano plate type corresponds to type I in Crinkle. Types II & III have not been found in El Mex and were probably only made during the later Crinkle production.

Sugar & Creamer

Mesa Creamer (2¾" tall)

Mesa Sugar (3" tall)

The sugar lacks handles and could be mistaken for a tumbler. It's much scarcer than any tumbler.


Santiago (5" tall Rose Bowl)

Same as in Crinkle.

Sonora (6" tall)

Has a flared rim.

Plaza (6½" tall)

Same as in Crinkle

Pueblo (6" tall)

Similar to a tumbler, but wider.

7" Vase


Snowball Flip Vase (7" tall)

This vase has a bubbled texture unlike any other piece of El Mex.


Liquor Jug (8" tall with stopper)

Same mold as the Crinkle Decanter just different terminolofgy. Some decanter rims are finished differently. Most I've seen are thicker and rounded off, unlike my Crystal Crinkle decanter.

Candlestick (4" tall)

Relish (3-part, 8" X 9")

Ice Tub (6" diameter, 4" tall)

Icer & Liner (5¾" diam.)

Similar in shape to the sherbet, but larger.

Cigarette Box (4½" X 3½")